Difference between after market Custom Fit & Slip-on Seat Covers

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Difference between after market Custom Fit & Slip-on Seat Covers

Seat covers are probably the easiest and most effective way to keep your vehicle’s interior looking new as long as you own it, as well as increase its resale value. Most modern seat covers come either custom-fitted or in universal one-size-fits-all form.

  • Skilled craftsmen can create custom seat covers that are tailored to the exact contours of any vehicle make and model’s seats. This is called a fitment as per the original equipment in each car. And the new covers are a replacement to the existing textile covers in the car. Kärlsson’s Nappa Leather allows covers to stay form-fittingly snug over each fold and crease, even under heavy use. If a vehicle has stylishly shaped seats, the custom fit seat covers complement the basic seat structure by giving a tight and even fit.

With universal slip-over seat covers, a good fit is a roll of the dice, and a perfect fit is almost always an impossibility. They tend to mask the shape of the seat in varying degrees, with the worst-fitting covers creating a look that could be described as bean-bag at best.

  • Custom fit seat covers are far superior to the average Slip over seat covers when it comes to the looks after a ride. Before or after a ride, custom fit looks the same.

Universal slip-over seat covers are either too loose or too tight to pull up and slide along with them. Not only did they look lumpy and the wrinkles look sloppy, they are uncomfortable to sit on top of. The car is left with sloppy looking seat covers front and rear.

  • Because each make and model vehicle has different locations for power seat switches, lumbar support adjustment and more, custom fit covers take the location of them into account when each cover design is created. Additionally arm rest and head rest location, shape and movement must be accounted for or their function can be compromised. In order to ensure they cover the seat fully, universal slip-over seat covers cannot possibly provide for these factors, where custom-fitted car seats will have cutouts for each.
  • Custom-fit seat covers typically take longer to install because they replace the existing covers in your car. Separate sections for each seat back and seat bottom must be tailor made and fitted, rather than slipping on a cover masking the seat contours.

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