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Leather for Car Seat Covers

Leather is a valuable natural material with good tear strength, flexibility and is long lasting. It has the capacity to absorb and transmit moisture. When properly tanned it is possible to produce leather to very high specifications of colour fastness and soiling resistance.

Only 20 per cent of the global supply of leather is used for car and home seating. The largest leather group used for upholstery are bovine hides due to the availability in commercial quantities (64 per cent of all leather available, annually, globally is made from bovine hides), the large surface area of individual hides is useful for larger panels to be cut.

Bovine leather is the best suited for seating upholstery as it is stronger than sheep and goat leather. Even after a century of car production, the material that most car buyers dream of having on their seats remains unchanged - leather. The leather used for car seats now is certainly very different from the earlier ones. Animal breeding and the way their hides are treated have changed dramatically over the years. Most of the famous brands of leather became thinner and softer with production and processing developments.

The result is that leather seats feel far softer and more compliant than the seats on cars of the earlier era. The leather is more pliable and can be stretched over more complex shapes without the need for stitched seams.

Kärlsson offers high quality products and delivers a great experience of style and comfort. The Nappa leather that Kärlsson offers is a soft grain leather. Grain leather uses the full thickness of the animal skin.

Kärlsson Nappa gives your car seats, a better fit, luxury feel and lasts longer compared to the inferior grade embossed leathers offered at a similar price in the market.

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Meets the following European standards for upholstery:
UNI EN ISO 11640, UNI EN ISO 105 –B02, UNI EN ISO1164, UNI EN ISO 3377-1, UNI EN ISO 5402, UNI EN ISO 4045, UNI CEN ISO/TS 17234, UNI EN ISO 17070, UNI EN ISO 17075 & UNI CEN ISO/TS 17226
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