Karlsson Leather: European Leather sofas, recliners, leather car seat covers in Bangalore


Karlsson Leather

  Scandinavian leather from Karlsson Leather Bangalore

Why Karlsson Leather?

Karlsson Leather was established in the year 2007 with the objective of producing high quality leather products from the finest leather hides imported from top European tanneries. Our expert leather craftsmen, create products that guarantee impeccable quality, luxury and comfort. And our continuous quest for excellence and quality help us create products of unique and lasting value.

Luxure Nappa : This is a grade 1 selection authentic nappa leather with a butter soft feel produced in Northern Europe that uses the grain of the hide. Luxure Nappa is a premium leather and the most expensive. Available in a thickness of 1.1 to 1.2 mm. It is aniline dyed through and pigmented to ensure durability for frequent use. Nappa is a general term used for leather with a soft feel.

Heavy duty premium leather from Italy : We import a range of genuine leather with a thickness of 1.5 to 1.6 mm & dyed through, suitable for heavy traffic that is used on premium furniture and after market automotive seats.

Nubuck leather : High quality Italian Nubuck leather for ultra luxury seating with a velour feel and a writing effect is imported in 10 colors. This is available in a thickness of 1.4 mm.

Meets the following European standards for upholstery : UNI EN ISO 11640, UNI EN ISO 105 –B02, UNI EN ISO1164, UNI EN ISO 3377-1, UNI EN ISO 5402, UNI EN ISO 4045, UNI CEN ISO/TS 17234, UNI EN ISO 17070, UNI EN ISO 17075 & UNI CEN ISO/TS 17226.


What You Must Know Before Buying Leather
Like any natural product, Leather undergoes natural wear and tear over a period of time. This must not be considered as a quality issue.
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