How to Maintain Leather Car Seats

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How to Maintain Leather Car Seats

You can tell a well-maintained car from its interiors. Keep the interiors of your car clean and a looked-after vehicle becomes a well-maintained one. Cleaning and maintaining leather seats of your car is not so difficult and does not take that long either.

Keeping your car seats clean will not only keep your car looking great, it can help hold its resale value. The type of seats you have will determine the cleaning method you should use. With a few simple products and some time, you’ll have your seats looking as clean as the day you drove the car off the lot.

There are many different cleaners available at your local automotive parts and accessories store. Since our upholstery grade leathers are made for high traffic, it is less sensitive to the type of cleaner. So most all purpose leather cleaners will do the job. If in doubt try the cleaning liquid on a small area of the leather to test for any adverse reactions. Meguiar’s all purpose cleaner or Vista upholstery cleaner usually works well.

You will require the following:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • All purpose Leather cleaner
  • Micro fiber cleaning cloth

You must clean off all the dirt and oils that have accumulated since the last clean.

  • Vacuum the seats to remove any loose dirt and debris. You may use a microfiber towel, a very soft bristled brush or a regular cloth (cotton) - the less lint the better.
  • If there are stains on your leather seats, attempt to clean using the all purpose cleaning liquid directly on the stain. As with any cleaning product, test it on a hidden area first to ensure there are no adverse effects.
  • Apply the leather cleaner to a the micro fiber cleaning cloth
  • Rub the cleaning cloth over the surface in a circular motion until the entire surface is covered.
  • Dry the surface with a clean, dry, soft cloth.
  • It is best to work in sections, repeat the above steps until each seat is cleaned..
  • For quick clean-ups, keep a container of wipes in the car. (There are wipes made for both leather and cloth seats.)

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